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Bob & Mary Huisman

Make Music and Give Thanks

We understand as believers, that real worship and praise comes from what's in our hearts.  If we have a problem worshipping, we need to ask our Lord to cleanse our hearts, and help us to yield to the Holy Spirit.

When we yield to the Holy Spirit, He helps us to control our tongues, and use them for God's glory. Actually, the only reason we have a tongue is to glorify God.  When the fire from heaven came, the Holy Spirit at pentecost gave us a new way to use our tongues.  

Now, we are filled with the s
Spirit; instead of complaining, criticizing and venting unbelief; we sing, make music, and give thanks (Eph: 5:19-20).

Let's make a decision personally not to misuse our tongues, being an important member of our bodies, above all others, which glorifies our creator.

I'm reminded of the lyrics of a song we sing in church; "Hear these praises from a greatful heart, each time I think of you the praises start, love you so much Jesus, love you so much". 

May God's overwhelming grace and mercy overflow from his heart to our lips.

God BlessYou!
Pastor Bob